Best Pain Relief for a Broken Tooth

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Looking for the best pain relief for a broken tooth? One of your teeth suddenly breaking can cause extreme pain and distress. To make things even worse, a dentist might not be readily available to help but there are certain things you can do to manage the pain.

Six best pain relief remedies for a broken tooth

Here are some of the best options that have been proven to ease tooth pain caused by a broken tooth quickly:

1.    Avoid high-temperature foods and beverages 

A chipped tooth causes nerves to be exposed which leads to increased sensitivity. People experiencing pain because of a broken tooth should avoid drinking hot beverages like soup and coffee. They should also stay away from eating frozen foods such as ice-cream.

2.    Take painkillers

If the pain from the broken tooth becomes unbearable, over-the-counter drugs such as paracetamol or ibuprofen can be used to ease the pain.

Sometimes, a chipped tooth causes gum and nerve tissue inflammation; in such cases, the best pain relief is a numbing teething and gum gel.

3.    Try flossing

A chipped tooth makes it easier for food particles to get stuck in-between the gum. Since the nerves are already highly sensitive, any food debris in the gum can trigger pain. That is why people with broken teeth should floss regularly to remove any food pushing against their teeth. It is also recommended that they use a waxed floss along with a floss threader to get the best pain relief for their broken tooth.

4.    Apply temporary dental cement

Temporary dental cement is available in most pharmacies and drug stores nationwide. It is an easy to use remedy that is specifically made to fix cracked teeth, prevent infection, and protect against further damage. The cement can be used to cover up the damaged tooth, preventing irritants like saliva and acids in the mouth from irritating exposed nerves.

5.    Rinse your mouth with saltwater

Saltwater has antibacterial properties that help to reduce the risk of infection. It is also a powerful pain reliever. Research shows that this remedy is one of the best pain relief for a broken tooth. A person dealing with a broken tooth and the pain that comes with it should mix ½ tablespoon of salt with warm water. They should use this mixture to rinse their mouth three to four times daily. However, they should avoid using hot water as doing this can increase their pain. Some people prefer to use iodized or Himalayan salt as it has more minerals, but regular table salt works just fine.

6.    Avoid putting pressure on the broken tooth while sleeping

If the head and heart are at the same level, it can cause more pain for anyone with a broken tooth. Elevating the head slightly while lying down can reduce the blood flow to the affected site which can help to reduce the pain caused by the damaged tooth.


You should never ignore a broken tooth as this can lead to severe pain and cause further damage. If you can’t get to the dentist at the moment, try a combination of the remedies listed above.

Of course, these remedies are only meant to be temporary fixes. A toothache is always a sign of an underlying dental issue so make sure you visit a dentist for a long-term solution.

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