Cracked Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief Tips

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This article will explore some effective cracked wisdom tooth pain relief tips that can hold you over while you wait to see a dentist. If you have got a cracked wisdom tooth, you are bound to be in severe pain. At that instant, pain relief becomes the ultimate call you have to make. This is not in any way suggesting that you should ditch a formal dental examination and subsequent remedy. Tooth pain relief should only suffice until you are ready for proper treatment.

5 Effective Pain Relief Tips for a Cracked Wisdom Tooth 

The following pain relief tips will alleviate any pain caused by a cracked wisdom tooth while waiting for professional dental care:

1. Over-the-counter Ibuprofen 

When the pain from a toothache becomes excruciating, a quick-fix solution is just over-the-counter with Ibuprofen. This drug is an anti-inflammatory drug. It helps reduce the inflammation of the troubled gum and also reduces the pain being experienced. 

Other FDA approved drugs and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like acetaminophen can do the trick, but Ibuprofen stands out among the lot as a foremost pain reliever for pains associated with the teeth. 

2. Numbing Gel 

This option is also available off-the-shelf and can help reduce the pain caused by a cracked wisdom tooth. The numbing gel can be applied directly to the gums housing the wisdom tooth for a while or even for a whole day depending on the degree of the pain. 

However, caution should be applied here. Some people might be allergic to Benzocaine (the chemical compound present in numbing gels). This calls for proper attention to the instructions written on the product slip. 

3. Floss the Cracked Tooth 

Food residue can also amplify the pain that people feel when a wisdom tooth has been cracked. Flossing is important to ensure the damaged tooth is clean. It is a case of not leaving any stone unturned. Flossing can remove bacteria from the tooth as well. 

They should be careful not to floss too deeply which can affect gum tissues that are already tender from the inflammation, leading to more pain. 

4. Elevate Your Head While Sleeping

Toothaches are usually the result of inflamed nerves around the cracked tooth. Elevating your head with a pillow or any other soft material while sleeping can limit the pain since it will contain the pressure around the area.

Lying on the bed and having no elevation for the head increases the pressure and blood flow to the head which can enervate the situation. 

5. Avoid Too Hot, Cold, and Sugary Foods

The tissue surrounding the pulp as well as the one lying beneath the outer enamel is often exposed due to the crack. Having unusual temperatures whether hot or cold around these layers can increase discomfort. 

Foods high in sugar should also be limited or avoided entirely since they can irritate the pained tooth. 


Having a cracked wisdom tooth can make any adult miserable and even lead to sleepless nights if the pain is not contained. While appropriate dental examination and care is the best option, the tips listed above can help to ease you off the pain before you get a chance to see a dentist. These pain relief tips are not meant to be final solutions, but simply temporary fixes. Apply them today and get fast relief from pain! 

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